Dealing with change, volatility and unexpected challenges is contributing to increased burnout, lower engagement and rising level of stress. Leaders need resilience to manage on-going change and performance pressures.

Corp/U's Smarter Growth Webinar will describe how leaders:

  • Boost personal resilience and foster more of it in their teams
  • Develop strategies to deal with change and unexpected challenges
  • Use five critical inputs for building habits that improve resilience

Event Details


Tuesday, January 15th


1:00pm ET

Guest Speakers:

Shelley Winter, Director and Head of Coaching and Resilience at YSC


Alan Todd, Corp/U, CEO

About the Speaker


Shelley Winter is Director and Head of Coaching and Resilience at YSC, an international leadership consultancy. She works with financial services, aviation, mining, retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients across EMEA and Asia-Pacific. A registered psychologist, Shelly developed YSC’s Leadership Resilience Profiler™. Prior to joining YSC, Shelly was a psychologist serving in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. She has masters degrees in both Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

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